Residency @ Marietta 2019-2020 (Hosted by Grace Marietta)

Residency @ Athens 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Athens)

Residency@Snellville 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Snellville)

Residency @ New Hope 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace New Hope)

Residency @ Marietta 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Marietta)

Residency @ Midtown 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Midtown)

Residency @ Monroe 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Monroe)

EPIC Intensive Trip (TBA 2021) (Hosted by Grace Snellville)

During EPIC (Encountering People in Context), we aim not only to learn about the Holy Land’s history but how we could impact its present and future. Our group, led by the Jesus and the Qur’an teaching team, will tour, train, and – most importantly – talk with Christians, Jews, and Muslims in their own context about Jesus, His Kingdom, and lasting peace. Already we have seen this trip radically transform lives (including our own), and we expectantly invite you to join us. Price covers in-country expenses. Does not include airfare, insurance, tips or personal spending expenses. Single supplement for individual wishing to room alone is $550 and is subject to availability. Tips to guides and drivers: Standard tip for driver is $5 per person per day, and guide is $6 per person per day. Participants should bring cash for this purpose. Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, this trip is suspended until international travel to the region is safely resumed.

Fellowship @ Midtown 2020-2021 (Hosted by Grace Midtown)

Residency @ Athens 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace Athens)

Residency @ Marietta 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace Marietta)

Residency @ Midtown 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace Midtown)

Residency @ New Hope 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace New Hope)

Residency @ Monroe 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace Monroe)

Residency @ Snellville 2021-2022 (Hosted by Grace Snellville)

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