Snellville Property Rental

Additional Needs

For schools and nonprofits we offer the facility for free - that includes man power to run a basic event - 2 production people and cleaning. While we provide the facility free of charge we do ask that your school or outside organizations compensate the following personnel if there are additional needs required. ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION NEEDS (determined by School or Business)

1) Video Director: $100 – This person directs all camera shots and ensures angles and captures in the room for the event happen in a professional and quality manner. Only needed if there are multiple cameras wanting to be used.
2) Camera op: $50 ($75 for a skilled roamer) – This person mans the camera and ensures quality shots are captured.
3) Propresenter: $100 – This person ensures that all media, slides, videos and lyrics are prompted and loaded throughout the duration of the event.
4) Lighting: $50 - $100 – This person can be used for any dynamic lighting cues or scene changes that you may want throughout your event. This person is only necessary if you want more than a standard lighting situation during your event.
5) Stage Manager: $25 – This person ensures that people exiting and entering the stage have what they need and understand when to move onto the stage.

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